Persist Until Something Happens (PUSH)


Persist Until Something Happens mindset will increase your productivity and prepare you for success. Staying motivated is easier when things are working out good for you, and you’re seeing immediate positive results at the same time. However, things can be difficult when you’re not getting desired results, but all you need in such situation are courage and hope; that’s where the concept of PUSH comes in. You must be courageous to be optimistic, and when you’re expectant, success is already yours in all your endeavours. Remember how the law of attraction works, the body achieves what the mind believes, and the best method of putting that maxim to work is channelling your psychic energy towards your own intentions.

The best method of taking over the ownership of life is to master the art of living and be persistent in all your endeavours in life. Remember, persistence beats resistance. You must learn the art of optimism, consider failure as an opportunity to grow, or success in disguise. Utilize setback as an impetus to attain success and start seeing your glass as half-full. Though, it takes impeccable courage to persist and be expectant in the face of adversity, but once you have the courage to be optimistic, victory is yours.

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