Throughout life our personality, needs, and goals will change. Also, the people we hang out with and those we want in our life will change over time. Those changes that occur in us through the course of life are normal, as the self is not a stable entity. Life itself is not static, and change is the only integral part of life which is constant.

Age of Reason

You will get to an age when you won’t like to argue with some certain people, answer trivial questions, or engage in small talks. But all you want to do most of the time is to engage in intellectual discussions on significant subjects. At that time, you’ve reached the age of reason and all you will mostly be seeking will be enlightenment in all its forms.

Imperfectly Perfect

Isn’t it weird that some of the flaws we usually found in others actually exist in us? Whether in the past, present or it might appear in the future, and it might not be on the same level. That’s why it is bad to judge other people. In fact, those flaws is what make us unique, and we must be aware that human nature generally is defective; let that sink in.

Take the Wheel

There’s a powerful and amazing maxim that says, “if it is to be, it is up to me.” That’s accountability at its best. Therefore, stop blaming others for your predicaments and start taking responsibility for your life. Your destiny is in your hands and you’re superior to your circumstances. Most aspect of your life are your responsibility, stop playing blame game and take control of your life.

Moderation is everything

Everything we practice or consume in life is like adding salt to our meal. If we add appropriate quantity of salt to our meal it will taste great. But if we add excessive quantity of salt it will mess up our meal. In a nutshell, some things or activities are better consumed or practiced moderately, as too much of them can be bad for us.

Self-worth Redefined

Knowing your worth is the basis of your happiness and overall wellbeing. You’re indeed a significant being which is made up of a great mind, body, and soul. Due to that reason, you must embrace and respect yourself to feel valued wherever you may find yourself.

Life Force

Everything around us is made up of energy – be it positive or negative. Therefore, we must be mindful when selecting the kind of energy we allow to influence us in life, as such energy will determine our life experiences.

For a Better World

The great predicaments that befell humankind can be traced back to unreasonable fear, greed, hatred, and ignorance. It’s high time we turn the table around, let’s incorporate reasonable courage, generosity, love, and knowledge into our daily lives to make our world a better place.

Higher Vibration

You will experience a great joy of being when the three elements that form your existence are working in sync on a higher level of vibration. In other words, when your body is on a higher level of harmony with your mind and soul, your mind is having a higher level of perception, and your soul is on a higher level of consciousness.

The Irony of Life

There are people who are blessed with good fortune in life, but they’re not happy. While some people have their life filled with misfortune, but they’re still happy. Looking at these two groups of people, one may infer that the former is ungrateful and insatiable; while the latter is grateful and optimistic.