The Enchanted Highland

This highland is a forsaken and forgotten place
A graveyard for the living, territory for ravens
This highland is unknown to many
Only few are aware of its existence
This highland causes gloomy state of mind
Its inhabitants are the most vicious creatures
The two-legged snakes which backbites
The two-faced creatures which are frenemies.

Seagulls visits sporadically during the day
Ravens and crows are its dominant birds
Feral cats creeps around all day
Foxes dominates the land at night
This highland sometimes cries for help
Its silence can drive one nuts at times
This makes the highland constantly scary.

This creepy highland is driving me insane
But then again who am I to complain
My dignity and privacy are constantly threatened
My blood usually run cold on this highland
I passionately despise returning to this highland
I must navigate between Scylla and Charybdis
Every time am returning to this highland
Which feels like striding naked through thorns
It feels like walking barefoot on broken glasses
Just to arrive at my haven.

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