The Vicious Nymph

The Vicious Nymph

I stumbled on your bank
you take hold of my hand
this seems a kind gesture
from a friendly creature
in my trembling seizure
you take utmost pleasure
I can’t smile but complain
yet you fancy my pain

You are a veiled sadist
I’m not a masochist
love is all I wanted
pain is all you granted
I was fit when we met
you put my soul in fret
I’m completely weary
my being is dreary

I thought you are benign
you’re the same as Siren
you tricked me into trap
which is a great mishap
how long will this romp last?
four years swiftly gone past
escape attempts are vain
but what is love with pain?


The Bird with the River Fever

A bird vitalized by anodyne creeps out
of a quilted fabric of elegant style
this bird gaits into a hot water pan
sheds the feathers of yesterday
flap its wings, garbed and hit the road

Flew into the house by the river, drown its liver
in eau de vie. Stagger out of the jacks
with single capezio and keeps the ball rolling
knocked into oblivion by sparkling
lightning and roaring thunderstorm

Its wobbly legs can’t hold the ground
like chopsticks in the noodles bowl
dropped its last quid into the wishing-well
jivin’ in the deep, jammin’ like a villain
in a portal within unending bliss and pain

Adoring the company of the lost
souls with various petrifying heads
as the night progresses, things grey out
its memories of dusk till dawn petered out
the next morn falls into a gentle ruin.

The Parable of a Nation

A child born centuries ago was captured and raised by foreign parents. This child was officially liberated to be independent decades ago after she has been defiled, molested and exploited by her foster parents; while this child was still immature and also malnourished. The said child grew up through pain and suffering in all its forms. She weds and divorces husbands every four or eight years, for that’s the kind of life she was taught to live by her foster parents. So, when one husband treat her better than the previous, she will cry and shed tears of joy that her previous husband never treated her this good. But if another one comes and treat her bad, she will cry again and shed tears of pain and agony, complaining that her ex-husband never treated her this bad. Those who has been chosen to be her crown are nothing but bloodsuckers, they’ve got nothing to offer in making her life better but to steal from her and add to her problems.

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Poet’s Parasol

It persists through the seasons
winter, spring, summer, till autumn
hang on there all the time
dawn, all day long, till dusk

Its parts are incredibly awesome
the thick and thin, the rough and smooth
an imperfectly perfect entity
fully clad in the spring and summer

Transforms into a garter snake
during autumn and winter
shed those lush silky apparel
of ruby and emerald

It remains out there in midwinter
like a naked tent in the Himalayas
that apparel should persist but
this parasol is fated by Nature.

The Seesaw Mind

The Seesaw Mind

Agama blinks and catch a glimpse of a creature
it’s a beautiful charming butterfly
with cute glittering eyes like firefly
the butterfly glows brighter as the night Moon
with astonishing radiance of the Sun
and shine as the Sirius in the night sky
the agama hopes butterfly will fulfil his fantasy
he dived into ecstasy pondering about the ending
knowing many won’t venture into such situation

A déjà vu in a blink of an eye
they were in the French Riviera
he revive from the reverie
they fix gaze he grey out again

Naturally agama has a thing for the butterfly
there is something special about her
his soul was captivated by fixing gaze on her
those firefly eyes fetched his childhood memories
chasing and catching those little glowing creatures
wishing he could have them forever
his mind get consumed by bulging rumination
of mirage, horizon, and the vanishing point
while craving her to experience paradise on earth

Le Voyage

The Gare du Nord exodus was epic
foreigner outnumbered indigène
my jaw dropped

I transformed into a Johnny Just Come
a complete lost soul in a trance
needing a deliverance

Seeking link amid a crowd of empty faces
pretty boys with gothic mohawk-emo
handsome girls with gaudy bob-emo

Rats wander in constabulary uniform
dogs with sunglasses ride in a buggy
cats rove the street with a saggy belly

Various creatures fill up the centre ville
then I met one who seemed dissimilar
as I arrived at Champ de Mars

This manmade iconic figure is amazing
at homeland is a well sculptured
natural monument at Ikija Road

Here I am at Rue de Lyon
when will I return to the place
of the Sun to set my feet on the rock

The Strong Eagle

. . . I once knew one resilient eagle which lived on a land in the centre of the earth. He was hatched in a nest on a rocky mountain surrounded with dense rainforest. He was a nest-dweller and observer as a chick. Sky became his playground the day he learned to fly. When other birds get drenched during rainfall, He’d soar above the clouds to evade the rain. He has experience some amazing phenomena of Nature.

He chooses to associate with the sky lords, the great flyers. His sharp eyes, sturdy beak, durable wings, and tough claws were specially made by the Creator. He’s not easy to be tamed or caged, he’s just a dissident of a bird. He hunts his food, while other birds waited to be fed. He forms no alliance with parrots, peacocks, or bats.

He has fallen repeatedly, but always pick himself up off the ground. He believes in his wings not on the twigs. He is a watcher that spectates how his own life evolves. He always embrace his second self whenever it appears. He keeps soaring higher into the ether regardless of its colour and condition.

He always soar higher to retain his head above the clouds, where he can experience the sublime through the panoramic view of the earth. He remains the most resilient eagle during his lifetime, then he left this world behind one day. He spreads his wings and soar into the upper most area in the sky, to experience eternal bliss in the place beyond time and space . . .

Nature’s Waltz

Staring through the window
Sub-zero seize the entire vicinity
A perfect day for hot toddy
As it seems like Siberia

The more I see the less I know
More about Nature is a mystery
Weather as a force is erratic
When Nature is at work

The land known for
Its lush green scenery
Now have its whole landscape
Pale like the Antarctica

Ravens cawing and creeping
Staining the white scenery
Seagulls squawks and watches
Robin redbreast croons

Staring through the window
Adoring the wonders of Nature
Who am I to grumble during
Emma and the Beast salsation.


Who is a friend? who is a loyal friend? Who is your friend?

Friend is anyone who you knew quite well, and a person that both of you have mutual love, trust, and care for each other. A genuine friendship surpass relatives, creed, or culture. And you may be older or younger to your friend. There are various types of friends, among them are companion, honest confidant, friend like sibling, neighbourhood friend, chat mate, colleague and lots more. I will explain the three types of friends that you will meet during your life journey. The first type are friends like leaves of the tree, second are friends like branches of the tree, and third are friends like roots of the tree. Below, I will explain them in detail, one after the other.

Friends like leaves of the tree will only be with you for brief period, but they are not reliable, and you can’t ridicule or judge their behaviours, as they are not strong and durable. They are just meant to be in your life for a brief period, to give you shelter as the leaves does to a tree. Most of them came to you because of what they need from you and they will surely fall off during a brief wind, but you can’t be angry at them that is just who they are.

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The Enchanted Highland

This highland is a forsaken and forgotten place
A graveyard for the living, territory for ravens
This highland is unknown to many
Only few are aware of its existence
This highland causes gloomy state of mind
Its inhabitants are the most vicious creatures
The two-legged snakes which backbites
The two-faced creatures which are frenemies.

Seagulls visits sporadically during the day
Ravens and crows are its dominant birds
Feral cats creeps around all day
Foxes dominates the land at night
This highland sometimes cries for help
Its silence can drive one nuts at times
This makes the highland constantly scary.

This creepy highland is driving me insane
But then again who am I to complain
My dignity and privacy are constantly threatened
My blood usually run cold on this highland
I passionately despise returning to this highland
I must navigate between Scylla and Charybdis
Every time am returning to this highland
Which feels like striding naked through thorns
It feels like walking barefoot on broken glasses
Just to arrive at my haven.