Shine Your Light

To be successful in life you must believe in yourself, accept yourself for who you are and do your things in your own way. Only by admitting who you are is the best way of achieving your goals. Eliminate self-doubts and self-limiting thoughts, as they will take you nowhere but draw you back from finding your potentials and reaching your goals. Embrace challenges in life and deal with them accordingly, from them you will learn and they will make you stronger. Reject all outside negativity and people who always try to discourage you or tell you that “you will never be good enough.” The fact is that you have just as much potentials as any successful individual in the world. You’re born to be great and you’re also the master of your own destiny, all you need is that self-motivation to unleash your inborn potentials. Now is the time to shine your light and eradicate all forms of negative people and circumstances which are hindrance to your success.


Every phenomenon we experience in life are products of change, which makes change the only integral part of life which is constant. Therefore, for us to have a clear sense of reality and experience a wonderful life, we must be courageous enough to acknowledge and embrace change as a natural phenomenon.

Living with Courage and Optimism

Mindset is everything in this life. Life has no definite meaning, as life is the product of your thoughts and actions. Your happiness and success are your responsibility in this life you’re given. Social supports can be handy, if you have few reliable ones. Still you own your life and you are responsible for it. Never give up on your life goals and yourself, the only time you fail is when you give up. Maintain positive mindsets as you live and utilize the happiness advantage in life. Start seeing failure as opportunity for growth, and setbacks as success in disguise. Keep on trooping despite disappointments, knowing that success is the best revenge. Make cogent plans on how to achieve your goals and be courageous, resilient and optimistic. Keep pushing and be rest assure that you are only few steps away from greatness.

Liberate Yourself

Inferiority complex is created with self-doubts, and it develops into a monster when you always seek others approval and attention to exist and function as an individual. But the only way you can rescue yourself from this monster you’ve created is to start believing, loving, and respecting yourself as a unique human being.

The Three Essential Strengths

Courage, resilience, and will are the actual strength of human being, and they are the basis of our survival instinct. You can achieve anything in life by making use of these three essential attributes appropriately. No matter what you’re going through at the moment, believe that you will never be given more than you can withstand, and always remember that you are superior to your circumstances. Life is a journey of the fittest, and the fittest in this context are the human who are courageous, resilient and possess the appropriate will – to sustain hassles, adapt to changes, and achieve anything in life. Those three elements that made up the real human strength are innate, and you must develop them in order to utilize them to discover or create and experience a wonderful life.

Life is the Best Teacher

As a student of life, I have learnt many life lessons and am still learning. These lessons are usually life circumstances—either good or bad—and through these lessons I have gained various experiences. My knowledge is based on the facts and ideas that I have acquired through life experiences. But as a lover of wisdom, I usually utilize reasons to discern and judge which aspects of those knowledge are true, strong and important, and applicable to my life. In this article, I will mention few but great lessons that life has taught me through experiences, which you all might found useful in your endeavours as well.

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