The New Wealth

If all you have to show are only material wealth and you think you already have it all in this age you are fooling yourself, as all you have are for sale and perishable. To be fulfilled in this age, you must invest in yourself in every aspect possible; human capital is the new wealth which is essential to live a life of human flourishing.


Every phenomenon we experience in life are products of change, which makes change the only integral part of life which is constant. Therefore, for us to have a clear sense of reality and experience a wonderful life, we must be courageous enough to acknowledge and embrace change as a natural phenomenon.

Liberate Yourself

Inferiority complex is created with self-doubts, and it develops into a monster when you always seek others approval and attention to exist and function as an individual. But the only way you can rescue yourself from this monster you’ve created is to start believing, loving, and respecting yourself as a unique human being.


If you ever found yourself in a situation where everything you’re doing seems to yield no progress and you seems to be perambulating. In other words, wandering around in a circle. Then you must re-evaluate your overall philosophy and tactics.


We are all caught up in the busyness and multitasking in this fast pacing world. Sometimes we must slow down, focus on one thing at a time, be mindful of ourselves and everything around us. In a nutshell, constant practicing of mindfulness is the key to a stress-free and joyful life in this era.

Hello, Hi

Some people will only check on you in their free time, while some people will free their time to keep in touch with you. Having that understanding will let you know who truly hold you dearly. Nevertheless, you must have a constant habit of keeping in touch with those who means a lot to you in life as well.


No matter how good or bad is your life story it must have a two sides narrative — one in which you’re a victim and the other in which you’re a hero — for both will serve different purpose and they can be narrated on different occasion. Therefore, when you’re narrating your life story try as much to be objective and make your story relatable to your audience.

The Happy, Grateful, & Courageous

No matter how complex life is, always choose to be glad and grateful – knowing that you don’t have all the problems in the world – and still be courageous to build your castle with those rocks that life has thrown at you. It takes a happy, grateful, and courageous being to walk the journey of life successfully.


Fear is nothing but illusion which is blocking us from seeing the actual reality, and most of the great predicaments that have befell humankind emanated from fear. Those predicaments are too many to mention, and some people still uphold them no matter how bad and destructive they are to humanity.