Dream Is A Mental Picture of Life

The dream you have while asleep is a recap and highlight of your previous conscious and unconscious perceptions. That mental imagery you called dream is actually a series of unresolved emotions which are sucked into your subconscious mind while you are awake. Thus dreams are by-products of your perceptions which are processed by your subconscious and presented to you while you are asleep, which can be a good or bad dream. A good or sweet dream is a presentation of pleasant imagery, and it is the type you usually wish for yourself and your loved ones – especially when going to bed. While a bad dream is a presentation of horrific imagery, this type of dream is commonly known as nightmare, but you can have it during the day. Basically, an average dream can last twenty minutes, and that is when the dreamer is having a good dream which is filled with sweet fantasies. But a nightmare is cut short when the dreamer is terrified or threatened during a dream.

Everyone is a dreamer, but there are two types of dreamers which are somehow special. The first is the daydreamer, such person can have a quick daydream while they are awake. That is possible when such person have a short-term detachment from their immediate surroundings to have a reverie. Daydreamers are said to be optimistic, creative, flexible, and critical thinker. The second is the lucid dreamer, such person can be aware when dreaming, and they can exercise a certain level of control over such dream. Lucid dreamers are said to be wiser, possess mystical experiences, and high problem-solving techniques. Being a daydreamer or a lucid dreamer seems quite beneficial, but scientists are still working continuously to attain an in-depth knowledge pertaining to the benefits and risks of both lucid and day dreaming.

As a matter of fact, all dreams usually emanates from the subconscious mind, including the daydreams and the lucid dreams which seems to be real when having them. But a constant reality check can help distinguish the real world from the dreamland. At times, when you are having a constant flow of a particular type of emotions, be it negative or positive, your subconscious will try to figure out a way to process those emotions and present them to you as a dream – even if you are wide-awake. Such dream is called a waking dream, and its brevity sometimes makes it seems weird and insignificant to some people. Actually, all dreams usually seems weird and insignificant to people in general, but dreams can be relatable and useful to the staunch dreamers. Besides, there are speculations that some creatives can induce some certain type of dreams to support their works or find solutions.

Everything considered, a dream which kind of make sense to you is like a conversation which you’re having with yourself, and all characters in such dream is actually you. Therefore, when you are having a nightmare, you’re just trying to bury some uncomfortable contemplations or negative emotions. But when you’re having a sweet dream, you’re actually basking in the reflected glory of your good fantasies. So, when you’re going to bed tonight you can’t be certain whether you will have a sweet dream or nightmare, but either way you will have a dream; a dream which will occur when unresolved emotions are struggling to escape via that tiny outlet in your subconscious mind. Thus, everything you will dream about are things you’ve perceived—whether consciously or unconsciously—while you’re awake, and that makes dream a mental picture of life. Finally, the only way to keep your good dream alive is to wake up and begin working on how to make it a reality.


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