The Parable of a Nation

A child born centuries ago was captured and raised by foreign parents. This child was officially liberated to be independent decades ago after she has been defiled, molested and exploited by her foster parents; while this child was still immature and also malnourished. The said child grew up through pain and suffering in all its forms. She weds and divorces husbands every four or eight years, for that’s the kind of life she was taught to live by her foster parents. So, when one husband treat her better than the previous, she will cry and shed tears of joy that her previous husband never treated her this good. But if another one comes and treat her bad, she will cry again and shed tears of pain and agony, complaining that her ex-husband never treated her this bad. Those who has been chosen to be her crown are nothing but bloodsuckers, they’ve got nothing to offer in making her life better but to steal from her and add to her problems.

As a result, her children were left to live in an environment filled with poverty and suffering. Her turmoil has been going on for centuries, before, during and even after her independence. Her children dies in cold blood, some die due to wars and starvation, some are waiting for salvation, while others are running away from home. Isn’t she the cause of her own problems? because of how she changes husbands, or because there are no ideal leaders among her adult children. She must be herself, live the life that Nature has destined her to live and forget all that her foster parents has imposed on her economically, ideologically and politically. Her future is in the hands of her children, she must teach them by giving them intellectual stimulation in order to acquire high level of social and emotional intelligence. She must teach them to become political thinkers and intellectuals rather than mere poli-tic-ians – a bunch of pro bloodsuckers.

In so doing, her next generations won’t be “the new slaves.” They won’t be slaves to material wealth, religions and foreign ideal. They will be able to be themselves, believe in themselves and love one another. She must teach them to value, promote and uphold their culture, she must teach them the value of hard-work and perseverance, honesty and humility. Then, she will be truly independent and able to feed and support herself with her children, and the children will be contented with what they have and also learn to keep their heads up wherever they may go. Then her new generation of children will transform her, take her to a greater height and make her a great mother which Nature has destined her to be.

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