The Seesaw Mind

The Seesaw Mind

Agama blinks and catch a glimpse of a creature
it’s a beautiful charming butterfly
with cute glittering eyes like firefly
the butterfly glows brighter as the night Moon
with astonishing radiance of the Sun
and shine as the Sirius in the night sky
the agama hopes butterfly will fulfil his fantasy
he dived into ecstasy pondering about the ending
knowing many won’t venture into such situation

A déjà vu in a blink of an eye
they were in the French Riviera
he revive from the reverie
they fix gaze he grey out again

Naturally agama has a thing for the butterfly
there is something special about her
his soul was captivated by fixing gaze on her
those firefly eyes fetched his childhood memories
chasing and catching those little glowing creatures
wishing he could have them forever
his mind get consumed by bulging rumination
of mirage, horizon, and the vanishing point
while craving her to experience paradise on earth

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