Humanity Has No Colour

Some people have the understanding that the concept of race begets racism, and despite that knowledge, many people still cling onto that erroneous, meaningless, and devilish concept which was created by supremacists and imperialists. The concept of race, as it stands, is more abstract, but it keeps causing concrete havoc for humanity, as the categorisation of humanity through race remains the root of all segregation, hatreds, and evils among human beings. The segregation created by the concept of race give rise to the stratification of human beings, despite the fact that all human beings share a common genome. Thus in this incorrect and meaningless categorisation process, human beings are categorised into groups based on their physical appearance and skin tone. That vile idea was devised by the imperialist Europeans, when they claimed to be civilising the world through colonisation. To use Europeans and Africans for example, the European colonisers labelled themselves “whites” and labelled Africans “blacks.” How improper and brutish is such concept? In fact, it makes no sense at all. According to general understanding, melanin is the core factor which determines the skin tone of human beings, and their outward phenotype is determined by the environment. As a matter of fact, no human being is “white” or “black” when consider humans natural skin colour. But this idea of “white and black” has become ingrained in many people’s minds, which is why some people are proud to be white or black.

Moreover, there is a speculation that European colonisers must be colour-blind to come up with that incorrect concept of “white” and “black.” Whereas, the hidden fact is that, there are other meanings pertaining to that colour categorisation concept. Whiteness is a symbol of purity, justice, truth, and virginity. White defines what it means to be civilized, modern and human. Blackness, however, represents ugliness, sin, darkness, and immorality. Black also means dirty, prohibited, and funereal. Even in many Dictionaries, the synonyms for white or whiteness are of positive connotations. While the synonyms for black or blackness are of negative connotations. In addition, the dictionary definition of white is clean and pure, that is why a white lie is excusable; and black lie is inexcusable for it is awful. Besides, according to European belief, evolution itself moves from black to white. Even the Merciful God is white, with a bushy beard and bright pink cheeks. But, why should black people be worshipping the white God?

In this sense, it is clear that Europeans have many reasons of claiming to be white, as they know it have positive connotations. But why would Europeans label Africans as black, when they know it have negative connotations? Is that not a pure awful and evil deed, or could that be cleverness of the Europeans? But then again, why would many Africans identify themselves as black, when in fact they are not black? Also, what is the reason why many Africans are proud to be black, when they know all the negative connotations of black? Could it be ignorance, or how they have been psychologically conditioned by the European colonisers? On the whole, the concept of human categorisation based on colour is, in fact, erroneous and it is not all-inclusive. Just for the sake of argument, if Europeans are white and Africans are black, what colour are the Arabs in North Africa and Middle East? What colour are the Persians, Asians, the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and Australia? Finally, what colour are the biracial people?

#PoliticalPhilosophy #Postcolonialism

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