Can Do Will Do – CDWD


Can Do Will Do mindset will increase your productivity and prepare you for success. At times it can be daunting to complete a task or attain a goal. A perfect example is when you’re striving to complete a given task, or when you’re striving to achieve your Big Hairy Audacious Goal. In any process of achieving a goal or completing a task, you definitely need motivation. And for you to get the needed motivation to get things done, you must change your “can” to “will”.

The word “can” is all about potentials, which are things you can possibly do. When it comes to motivation, the word “can” is considered feeble when used in first person. However, the word “will” is all about courage, meaning you can achieve the impossible with determination. “Will” is an influential word when used in first person, as it will keep your creative juice flowing and keep you motivated always as you’re working towards your set goals. By and large, the moment you change your “can” to “will”, you will stay motivated and start achieving the impossible.

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