The Case For God

I seek the One True God in all way possible to an extent I keep discovering myself instead. All ways I walked during my search for God keeps leading back to myself, repeatedly. Then, I discover that God is all around me, I can see and feel it. God is the Universe, its contents and Nature. Nature, other creatures, and humankind are parts and pieces of the One True God, which makes us gods in our own right. Therefore, in any religion you practice seek the truth, God is in the detail. God is also the laws and forces of Nature, laws of Nature which are the principles which govern the natural phenomena of the Universe. Forces of nature are natural phenomena that are beyond humans control and which no one can be held responsible, that is the reason why they are called the act of God.

God is so complex in such a way that no human can interact with God, nevertheless God usually manifests itself in various ways to meet our needs. We can pray to God, that is when we are connecting to God through forces of nature which can be seen or feel, in this kind of prayer we say affirmative words and hope that they are done. Then such prayer will materialize in the real world as we remain optimistic after that prayer and put in the efforts towards our affirmations. But the religious fundamentalists usually says the prayer of supplication, which is asking God to do something substantial for them while waiting in idleness for miracles. Saying such prayer is like talking to someone you know won’t talk back, and God will not bend or break the laws and forces of nature for nobody.

Perhaps there can be a swift shift in the laws and forces that governs Nature, which is normal as change is constant, but the religious fundamentalists would call it a miracle. I don’t believe in miracle or luck and I don’t see myself better than the others. Believing in miracle and luck will only make human a snob, bigot, dogmatic individual, delusion-prone individual, and so on. So, if good things happen in favour of those who believe in miracles and luck, they will call themselves “Lucky People” or “God’s Chosen” and call the disadvantaged bad names. God gave us reason and logic, not hearsay religions and its heresies. God is one for all, there are no “God’s Chosen” among humankind, besides all creatures are created equal by the Creator. By and large, I’m a believer who belong to no organized religious group, but I believe in God. And my notion of God is the totality of thoughts, the eminence of life, Nature and its forces, and the Universe as a whole.


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