The Strong Eagle

. . . I once knew one resilient eagle which lived on a land in the centre of the earth. He was hatched in a nest on a rocky mountain surrounded with dense rainforest. He was a nest-dweller and observer as a chick. Sky became his playground the day he learned to fly. When other birds get drenched during rainfall, He’d soar above the clouds to evade the rain. He has experience some amazing phenomena of Nature.

He chooses to associate with the sky lords, the great flyers. His sharp eyes, sturdy beak, durable wings, and tough claws were specially made by the Creator. He’s not easy to be tamed or caged, he’s just a dissident of a bird. He hunts his food, while other birds waited to be fed. He forms no alliance with parrots, peacocks, or bats.

He has fallen repeatedly, but always pick himself up off the ground. He believes in his wings not on the twigs. He is a watcher that spectates how his own life evolves. He always embrace his second self whenever it appears. He keeps soaring higher into the ether regardless of its colour and condition.

He always soar higher to retain his head above the clouds, where he can experience the sublime through the panoramic view of the earth. He remains the most resilient eagle during his lifetime, then he left this world behind one day. He spreads his wings and soar into the upper most area in the sky, to experience eternal bliss in the place beyond time and space . . .

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