Life Is a Journey Not a Race

Life Journey.jpg

Life is a journey and not a race. There are no fixed times or age that one much achieve a certain goal in life, e.g. owning a car, buying a house, having love relationship, getting married, having kids etc. However, societies has set aside some certain times or age that individuals must achieve these life goals, and if anyone conform deeply to that societal norms, life can be stressful. Psychologists have carried out various experiments which shows the existence and power of conformity, and how conformity can be resisted. If you can be autonomous in life, you will be happy and experience a fulfilled life. Life is a precious gift that everyone should enjoy to the fullest without social or peer pressure. Moreover, sociologists argued that age is nothing but a social construct, while physicists claimed that time is an illusion.

Philosophers and physicists argued that the nature of time has always inspired curiosity in humans. Albert Einstein contribution to theoretical physics was remarkable during his lifetime, albeit some people think he was a fraud. Physicists are now discovering more about the concept of time, and part of their discovery is that time is not absolute; and common sense can’t withstand that fact. Time is relative and flexible. According to Einstein, the separation between the past, present, and future is an illusion. Therefore, reality is ultimately timeless. This sounds rather strange from the perspective of classical physics; however, it seems reasonable from the perspective of consciousness theory and spirituality.

Don’t worry too much about your goals that are yet to be achieved, just stick to the plans you have made towards achieving those goals and be optimistic that someday you will achieve those goals. Don’t worry over time and get intimidated about other people’s achievements, as everyone have their own special time of success in life. The best you can do is to be courageous and optimistic in walking the journey of life at your own pace and intention. Don’t chase people, and don’t force things, as everything will fall in place when you least expect them. Finally, live your life for progress, not perfection.

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