Potential, Motivation, and Attitude

Big 3

Potentials are the free gifts of abilities that the Creator has given unto you from birth, they are unlimited and likewise your achievements. It’s mandatory that you live up to your potentials by fully utilize your innate aptitudes towards achieving success in life. Nevertheless, always remember that motivation is essential to be happy, succeed and experience a wonderful life. That’s why you need a map to walk the journey of life, and motivation is the greatest map that will take you to your utopia. MAP in this context is motivation, which is broken down into three basic parts mastery, autonomy, and purpose by Daniel H. Pink.

Mastery is comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity. Mastery is made and developed, it is a process of continuous practicing of what you love doing with an aim and will to be better in that subject or activity. Autonomy is your ability to take responsibilities of your own thoughts, decisions and actions. This is very important when choosing the type of life you want to live, the type of education and profession you want in life. Purpose is the reason for which something is done, it is your sense of resolve or determination. The secret to some people’s high motivation at work is because of purpose, those people finds purpose in their work.

Finally, your attitude is what defines your outlook and perspective of life and how you will cope in some certain situations, that’s why it’s good to choose and maintain positive mindsets. Therefore, having a positive mindsets will help you maintain a positive attitudes in life. All things considered, all the aforementioned are essential for you to achieve remarkable success in life, to live the life you always aspire and to experience a wonderful life.

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