7 Practical Methods to Persist When Everything in You Wants to Give Up

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Do you feel like all hope are lost, therefore you feel helpless?

We all get tired at some point in life, but this inevitable tiredness should not stop us from achieving our purposes in life and it should never deter our success in any way. Therefore, if you think the tide of life is up to your ears, there are few solutions that can help you persist and gather the momentum required to attain your life goals.

Below are seven practical methods to persist when everything in you wants to give up:

Pay less attention to others – Focus on yourself and be mindful, don’t worry about the success of others and get carried away by those who has make it before you, work towards your goals and you shall succeed.

Become your own biggest supporter – When you are getting those curve balls and life feels like rigorous test, the best things you can do is to be self-compassionate, self-motivated, and be courageous to keep your head up.  

Practice gratitude – Gratitude remains the best attitude. Learn to celebrate little wins, stop looking at the things you have not and start appreciating and be thankful for all you have got.

Focus on your strengths – Focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses. Check where you are lacking and utilize your potentials in building up those part of you that seems weak. Practice mindfulness and hone your positive energy.

Focus on what matters – There is one Yoruba adage that says, “Who counts the eye-wink of the crab will wait a lifetime by the river.” Your success destination is just few steps away, therefore you must keep moving.

Stop comparing yourself to others – Never try that for any reason, for it can land you where you don’t like, always accept yourself for who you are, and you will always be happy in life.

Acknowledge your limitations – Through self-awareness you will know yourself better and knowing yourself includes knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

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